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"We believe that we are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams"

Ariel and Carina Tomat: The story of two Argentines, who occupy the first place in luxury remodeling in Miami.

If you are thinking of remodeling your millionaire residence on the ocean and is a lover of good taste, design quality and absolute guarantee in the completion of your work, we will introduce you to the right people.

The renowned company Finishmycondo, has become one of the icons of luxury construction in Miami. They lead with supremacy the list of the most spectacular residences on the beach, including the remodeling of the most expensive penthouses in the history of Miami.

With great effort and dedication, they have built a customer service center for 15 years, where the buyer has all the services at their disposal, and without leaving their area, they immediately access all the resources to complete their residence exclusively to their liking. , and all in one place.

Today, these two Argentines from Rosario are among the leaders of the fastest growing company in recent years. They are talented, simple and ultra-detailed. Nothing escapes the watchful eye of the couple-success.

We found them in their offices in Sunny Isles, after celebrating the success of their latest model unit in Jade Signature.

Ariel and Carina, to whom do you attribute the success of having been able to maintain for so many years and in the same place?

We believe that the client is sure that with us his work will be good, and that always and in all cases, we will respond to the end in all the projects, until we achieve his satisfaction. The international buyer recognizes the brand, and what is associated with it. And that sense of stability and guarantee is what makes us very reliable for our customers.

When we reach the beach where towers such as Jade, Armani and Porsche are making famous, we see that the most important developers have sought them to run their model units with which they guarantee their sales, knowing that they will have the correct formula: service, price and supreme quality.

What is the formula for this growth?

We are ordinary people, says Carina -with a frank smile- but we have had the privilege of working and finishing with honors, model units for extreme luxury developers like STAR residential, Fortune, Chateau Group & Consultatio, to mention just a few ... (which they are much more demanding than normal customers, because they are experts and very meticulous in terms of excellence) - We have made model units for developers in ST REGIS BAL HARBOR, PORSCHE BUILDING, FENDI CHATEAU RESIDENCES, OCEANA BAL HARBOR , OCEAN HOUSE in South Beach, PARAMOUNT BAY, PENINSULA, MARQUIS RESIDENCES, REGALIA, CHATEAU BEACH SALES CENTER, RITZ CARLTON SALES CENTER and our new MODEL UNIT AT JADE SIGNATURE by Artefacto in SUNNY ISLES BEACH. We know perfectly how to interact in the most effective way with international brands that require a high degree of excellence during the execution of the process. And in all them we have finished thanks to God with honors.

Arriving a little closer to Surfside, we have heard, that FMC was also the one that achieved one of the greatest feats as a construction company in all of America, due to the complexity, engineering, calculation and monetary responsibility of hanging and climbing with a crane. a PAGANI ZONDA totally real. A unique residence in its class that impacts the whole world for its originality. We asked Ariel Tomat about this feat.

If it's real, adds Ariel. We already know that the news went around the world. That unit was high voltage in terms of responsibility, but it gave us many satisfactions. And we receive customers from all over the world, and that is why our versatility is unique in the market, since we can adapt to the way the client asks for work, including coordination with the entire Horacio team in Italy. Pagani, to perform the calculations and during the whole process of the work. Even Architectural Digest of Europe exalted her for her innovative eccentricity.

Definitely title of first place they have been able to win. Few companies have a curriculum and experience of the caliber that they have been able to build. This couple, accustomed to moving between luxury and work, say with humility that "We believe that we are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams."

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